Continuing Education Options!

2022 Education Lineup Coming Soon!

Option 1

OFSA Associate Membership:

6 Hours of Education

An OFSA Associate Membership is an individual membership that provides full access 24 hrs a day to the OFSA continuing education site (www.ofsaeducation.org), live webinars, monthly education notices, preferred rates on in-person training and online training workshops. Membership also provides you with access to home and auto insurance group rates and GoodLife Fitness memberships.

Sign up for as an OFSA Associate membership in the moth of December and you will be covered for continuing education in 2021 & 2022. With your membership expiring on Dec 31, 2022.

*Owners of funeral establishments are unable to apply for this type of membership. Associate Members are not entitled to a vote at meetings of the Association.

Option 2

Sorry education promotion expired.

1 Hour of Education:


OFSA Member John Cunningham will be opening the doors to his Aquamation facility for you to have a better understanding of the AH process and discuss how to speak with families. He will be joined by BAO Registrar, Carey Smith who will be discussing the legislative requirements and some of the challenges funeral homes have faced.

The session will be facilitated by Brett Denning, OFSA Board of Management.

Option 3

Sorry education promotion expired.

3 Hours of Education:


1) Presenter: Tracy Bear,  Director for the McMaster Indigenous Research Institute (MIRI)

Dr. Bear explores the relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canada and outlines the major historical moments in time. Indigenous Peoples continue to challenge mainstream’s accepted version of the past and state for themselves their own – much overdue – understandings of the historical past.

This fast and furious journey into history seeks to enlighten and engage audiences, but also challenges learners to sit with uncomfortable truths. The second half of the presentation provides a better understanding of how to better communicate and assist Indigenous families with funeral services.

2) Presenter: David C. Jung, RPC, Q.Med

We all encounter people we find difficult, and typically conversations with them leave us feeling stressed and frustrated. This workshop explores what is happening in those exchanges and demonstrates how people can adapt their strategies to bring about more productive conversations with those they find difficult. Individual approaches for dealing with difficult people will be discussed, with an emphasis on understanding and adapting one’s approach to create different results. Participants will explore how to deal with patterns of passive-aggressiveness, resistance, and chronic anger, and how to begin to change difficult patterns using a straightforward, five-step approach.

3) Presenter: Andrew Musselman, Fluency

Speaking with impact on platforms like Zoom, WebEx and Microsoft Teams can be a daunting prospect. How do you project confidence and instill trust when you’re not in the same room as your listeners? How do you generate emotion when you’re speaking through a webcam? In this one-hour online seminar, Andrew Musselman of Fluency will offer tips to overcome these challenges, so you can achieve engaging, influential online communication and win your virtual audience.



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